Hood Exhaust Cleaning

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Hood Exhaust Cleaning

Hood Exhaust Cleaning | Drain Medics LLC - St. Louis, MO

Drain Medic technicians are highly skilled and trained at locating and cleaning the hazardous materials out of your grease ducts and exhaust hoods. Our technicians are insured and trained in kitchen exhaust systems. We pride ourselves in dressing professionally when going to a cleaning job. All of our technicians are trained to clean and degrease your kitchen equipment. We can even provide you with before and after images of your exhaust system as well as a detailed post-cleaning report.

Hood Cleaning

• Hood #1 $300.00 (Base Price)
• Hood #2 $50.00 (Additional Hood over Grease Producing Appliances)
• Hood #3 $50.00 (Oven Hood or Prep Hood)

Prices are based on a properly maintained Hood

Grease Happens

In every commercial kitchen environment, grease builds up in the hoods, ducts, fans, and vents of exhaust systems. This happens over time, and there is very little you can do to prevent it.

The buildup of grease and dirt is obviously unhygienic. But it is also a hazard. If a flame from your cooking equipment below comes into contact with the grease above, a fire could start. This can spread very quickly because a commercial kitchen’s exhaust system is usually routed through a building’s duct work before it gets to the extractor fan. This is the path the fire will take.

Every year thousands of restaurant grease fires are reported. They inevitably cause damage to equipment and property and, in the worst cases, injuries and even death to people.

It is therefore necessary to keep hoods and exhaust systems clean from dirt, oil, and grease. That is where we come in. We offer a complete and professional hood exhaust cleaning service at competitive prices. We ensure that your kitchen has a reduced fire risk and is safer for your employees and customers.

Clean It Right

Our services comply with all regulations for fire safety and the correct standards for kitchen equipment. We work with a number of clients, including:

• Restaurants
• Schools
• Hotels
• Hospital facilities
• And more

Exhaust systems should be inspected regularly, depending on usage. We do these inspections, and we recommend that they are done early before the grease buildup has reached dangerous levels. If you have grease and we clean your equipment, we will remove all blockages and grease to ensure your hood, duct, and exhaust system are clear.

Contact us today. Our technicians are qualified and have all of the appropriate certifications. To keep your kitchen safe, call (314) 599-9181!